Petals ESB is the only distributed open source ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) on market. Its standard compliance, rich component offer and scalability makes it the fittest solution to build large, distributed service-oriented architecture (SOA).

Petals ESB - Latest release: 4.1 distribution
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Older distributions are available for maintenance purpose. Access older releases.

This Petals ESB 4.1 distribution contains the following elements.

ESB essentials Description Version
Petals ESBThe container, aka core of your SOA infrastructure.4.1
CLICommand Line Interface to manage your ESB.2.0
Maven pluginMaven plugin to compile and configure your Petals projects.2.3.0
Petals ANTA set of ANT tasks to script administration commands.2.3.0
Binding Components Description Version
FiletransferRead or Write files from local file system.3.1.0
FTPInteract with a FTP server.3.5.0
MailSend or receive emails (SMTP/POP/IMAP).3.3.0
SFTPInteract with a secured FTP server.1.4.0
SOAPAccess and expose Web Services.4.2.0
SQLAccess database through JDBC, using SQL language.1.4.0
Service Engines Description Version
BPELBPEL Orchestration engine, for complex processes.1.1.0
EIPBuild composite services by using Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIP).2.7.0
JSR181Implement a Petals service with an annotated Java class.1.3.0
QuartzSchedule service invocations with CRON expressions.1.3.0
ValidationValidate messages against XML schemas.1.3.0
XSLTTransform messages with XSL transformations (XSLT).2.6.0
Shared Libraries Description Version
HSQLLibrary to allow interactions with HSQL database.1.0.0
MySQLLibrary to allow interaction with MySQL 5.1 database.1.0.0
Xalan Library to use Xalan 2.7.1 as the XSLT engine.1.0.0
petals studio - 1.3.x
This integrated development environment will greatly help you bootstrap your SOA project, with service creation wizards, import/export tools, processes design tools, and much more!

Download Petals Studio 1.3 for your operating system


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