This is the latest 3.1.x branch release for the open source, distributed enterprise service bus, Petals ESB. It is available for maintenance purpose.
To start a new SOA project, we strongly suggest the use of our latest release, Petals ESB 4.0.

Petals ESB - Latest 3.1.x branch - Maintenance release
The open source ESB Description Version Date Size
Petals ESB 3.1.3The ESB in itself, aka the core of your infrastructure. (Documentation)3.1.32011-07-2531.9 Mo
Tools Description Version Date Size
Petals Studio 1.2Greatly accelerate your project with this dedicated development environment.1.22011-09-14150 Mo
Petals Webconsole 2.0.5Use a graphical interface to quickly run and test your ESB.2.0.52010-11-225.45 Mo
Binding Components Description Version Date Size
FiletransferRead or Write files from local file system.2.4.42010/11/025.0 Mo
EJBInvoke remote EJB methods.1.32010/03/0111.6 Mo
FTPInteract with a FTP server.3.3.12010/11/025.2 Mo
JMSPublish or receive from Java Messaging Service Queues.3.1.12010-03-014.5 Mo
MailSend or receive emails (SMTP/POP/IMAP).3.1.42010-11-165.4 Mo
SFTPInteract with a secured FTP server.1.2.12010/11/165.3 Mo
SQLAccess database through JDBC, using SQL language.1.2.12010/11/165.1 Mo
SOAPAccess and expose Web Services.4.0.82011/10/1819.6 Mo
Service Engines Description Version Date Size
BPELBPEL Orchestration engine, for complex processes.1.0.62010-11-3011.3 Mo
EIPBuild composite services by using Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIP).2.52010-11-165.0 Mo
JSR-181Implement a Petals service with an annotated Java class.1.1.32010-11-1613.5 Mo
NotificationWS-Notification and Brokered-Notification.1.0.32010-11-165.0 Mo
POJOPlain Old Java object.2.2.62011-10-186.0 Mo
QuartzSchedule service invocations with CRON expressions.1.1.32010-11-165.4 Mo
RMIA component to interact with the Petals container through RMI.1.1.12010-03-106.0 Mo
ValidationValidate messages against XML schemas.1.1.32010-11-165.0 Mo
XSLTTransform messages with XSL transformations (XSLT).2.4.12010-11-165.0 Mo

Petals ESB - Older Petals ESB releases
You can access all releases of Petals ESB by clicking on link hereafter. Please note that these are available for reference only.  Access all Petals ESB releases.
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